Food Safety

The food safety issue is an ongoing concern for all consumers. Bacteria is the number one cause of food related illness. While the way bacteria enters food can be complex, there are some simple measures that we can take in order to reduce those chances.

Additional information is widely available on the web.

The Partnership for Food Safety Education is at

The Produce Marketing Association (PMA) has also dedicated some space on their web site for food safety,

Some Important Facts:

Always wash your hands before preparing a meal.

Always clean utensils when switching between different products.

Always cover food to avoid contamination.

Store fresh cut produce at 38-40 degrees in refrigerators.

Store whole fruit in a cool area.

Store vegetables in refrigerator.

Store potatoes and root produce in a cool dry area.

Never let cut produce sit at room temperature or above for too long.

Never defrost frozen foods at room temperature.

Food Safety for Members

Food safety is a huge concern for consumers. When a crisis arises, communication is the key. Have a plan of action to reduce the level of uncertainty in all your employees and customers.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) plans are prudent in daily food preparation and storage in your facility, whether it is at a wholesale or retail level. Maintaining the cold chain is a key to product safety and shelf life.

Visit the United States Department of Agriculture website for additional information on legislature passed and pending concerning the government's responsibilities and the industry's responsibilities for food safety and handling,

Some Points To Remember:

Hand washing is the single most preventative measure for food safety.

A clean facility promotes good practices.

Monitor cold chain activities from incoming products.

Check storage facilities and coolers for proper temperatures on a regular basis.

Use a First In - First Out rotation practices.

Monitor media and trade for recall information.

Limit the time food spends in the danger zone.

Process foods in sanitary cold rooms only.



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