A Great Night...

Thank you to all of our members, guests, and sponsors who made our annual dinner dance a special evening.

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NEPC Makes A Donation
To The Greater Boston Food Bank

NEPC thanks Dole for sponsoring a great dinner meeting, and a special thank you to the Greater Boston Food Bank for allowing NEPC to host the meeting at their amazing facility.

NEPC President, Bob McGowan
presents a check to Catherine D'Amato,
President and CEO of the Greater Boston
Food Bank.

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NEPC 2015 Expo at Chatham Bars Inn

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NEPC is pleased to announce that the 16th Annual Expo will be held on Sept. 16-18, 2015 at the Chatham Bars Inn located on beautiful Cape Cod.

The century-old Chatham Bars Inn is one of the most treasured resorts on the Cape. The  beachfront Inn was recently featured on Chronicle, view the clip.

Chatham Bars Inn on Chronicle

Chatham Bars Inn brochure

Chatham Bars Inn website

Hotel Accommodations

Expo Schedule and Information

Exhibitor Registration

Attendee Registration




NEPC 20th Anniversary Event
June (tba) 2015

NEPC 19th Annual
Golf Tournament
July 28, 2015

NEPC 16th Annual
Produce & Floral Expo
Sept. 16-18, 2015


NEPC Dinner Dance
Calendar Raffle Winners


A $100 winner each day
in February - $500 grand prize
drawn on Feb. 7th.

  Feb. 1   John Wilson
  Feb. 2   Megan Fleming
  Feb. 3   Megan Fleming
  Feb. 4   Jodie Reardo
  Feb. 5   Shea Carroll
  Feb. 6   Debbie Hajjar
  Feb. 7   Judie Murray
  $500 Winner
  Feb. 8   Paul Simas
  Feb. 9   Heather Strock
  Feb. 10   Christine Leone
  Feb. 11   Bill Welker
  Feb. 12   Mike Clayton
  Feb. 13   Mary Peterson
  Feb. 14   Bob DeCosta
  Feb. 15   John J. Dillon
  Feb. 16   Matt DiGiacomo
  Feb. 17   Bob Duperre
  Feb. 18   Colleen Gordon
  Feb. 19   Domenic D'Antuono
  Feb. 20   Scott Marino
  Feb. 21   Craig Minichiello
  Feb. 22   Brian Gannon
  Feb. 23   Torey McPherson
  Feb. 24   Richard Therrien
  Feb. 25   Howard Nager
  Feb. 26   Jon Storm
  Feb. 27   Steven Loche
  Feb. 28   Debbie Loche

Congratulations to the winners!


Questions? Please call the NEPC Office at (781) 273-0444.
For more information contact nepc2@rcn.com

copyright 2015, NEPC, Inc.